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Alright, my first blog entry on my new wordpress site! As the first entry, I should probably explain a little bit about the purpose of this blog, and who I am. I’m starting this blog mainly to write about various happenings in the world of computers, Open Source software, Linux, video games, and things like that. I am a strong advocate of open source software, and hope this blog does the open source community good.

I am a computer engineering student at the University of Michigan at Ann Arbor, and enjoy hacking on hardware or software. I’m also a swimmer, and a member of Phi Delta Theta here on campus. I hail from a family of 5 from Dearborn, Michigan and graduated from U of D Jesuit High School. I like techno and indie music mostly and am a huge fan of the office and 24. That scratches the surface about who I am on a personal level, I suppose.

As for my current open source related activities, I’m an active member in the Compiz Fusion community ( and I assist in bug hunting, user support, and am working on a few plugins and window animations. I also know more than I should about VLC (, and I’m working on a linux handwriting recognition application for linux based tablet PC’s ( ). Right now its in alpha stage, (~60% accuracy in recognition) but I hope to get it stabled-up and functional very soon. I also do some bug-hunting and user support for Ubuntu, and I’m on my local Ubuntu-promoting team, Ubuntu-Loco-Michigan ( If you’re a Michigander and love Ubuntu, check it out, its a really good group of people. If you’re a human, and love high quality free stuff, check out open source ๐Ÿ˜€ ( There’s my little OSS plug for the day…) I guess in summary, I’m real excited about where open source is going, and happy to contribute what I can to the movement. Subscribe to my RSS feed, and check back soon!

On a side note before this wordpress blog, I started a [terrible] html site myself, but wordpress proved better than the limited site I had set up. Thanks wordpress guys! (esp. for releasing the code under the GPL ๐Ÿ˜€ )
Also, a shoutout to my friends Nick and Thomas, who are letting me use their server to host this blog!


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