I love tablet PC’s. I have a [pretty new] lenovo x61 tablet, running Ubuntu 7.10 (of course 😉 ) right now. The one thing that is lacking for linux based tablet PC’s however is the lack of an OSS handwriting recognition application. Hence, I started coding jot. I started coding in late July, and stopped coding pretty much when I got back to school and started getting hammered with engineering homework. However, with the latest commit, its officially back in active development, and can recognize maybe 60% of characters you write. Its an open ended problem that no one has ever gotten quite right, not even after years of development, but I hope that this program is a start into supporting this essential mobile platform function on linux tablets.

The source code for jot is available from Its written in C++ and uses libfakekey and gtkmm as external libraries. See the readme for compilation instructions if you’re interested in compiling it, or helping me out with the coding. As of right now, I analyze the deviation of the input curves from the defined library curves to produce a result. I hope that adding analysis for distance deviation will drive the recognition rate to a usable level. After that I still have to package it in a user friendly format, and *hopefully* get the Ubuntu MOTUs to put it in the Ubuntu repos.

I hope this piece of software I’ve written proves itself useful! I’ve attached a screeshot to give you a little preview. Check back in a while to see what pregress has been made!

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  1. Peter says:


    where has it gone? Is it still available?

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