erm, cadence…

Last summer, me and my friend Nick wanted to start some sort of open source project. Nick, being a mechanical engineer, and seeing no open source CAD program in existence thought that this would be a good project to undertake. Me, never having really used a CAD program before, agreed that this was a good idea, and I started coding up an OpenGL framework to get started. Once I had a primitive 3d interface, I took a look at the complexities of a real CAD program, got discouraged, and my OpenGL-framework modeler fell by the wayside.

Yesterday, however, I had the idea that “Cadence” (the title we had given the project) could be used well by those wanting to learn OpenGL, but who did not want to mess with having to code the windowing interfaces, which are oftentimes more complex than the OpenGL API. The source code is available with bazaar from Have fun doing OpenGL coding, and feel free to email me with problems with this  specific program. If you need help with learning OpenGL, look into reading the redbook, available at Have fun with open 3d programming 😀  !!!

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