I got home on Wednesday after taking my last final, and sat down to recode jot from C++ to C. I was making good progress, when I started hearing this “clunk clunk clunk” noise coming from my computer, so naturally, I ignored it. Unfortunately it got worse and started locking my computer up. I figured out my 300gb hard drive (the one with all my stuff on it…) has some sort of physical problem. Luckily though, I managed to save most of my files (although it took 3 days to copy 200gb of information…) and am now back on track. This gave me an opportunity to start working on my Linux From Scratch custom distribution. I’ve made pretty good progress, and before I go to bed tonight I hope to have the new system’s toolchain up and running. Linux from scratch is a really interesting project to accomplish if you’re serious about learning the workings of Linux, and I would highly recommend it. The only downside is there’s a lot of compiling time, so find something to do during the interim 🙂 Hopefully my PIC microcontroller will show up soon and I can get my Android development suite up and running soon. Its so great when school isn’t interfering with learning!

Also seeing as it’s been the Christmas Eve for 2 hours now, Merry Christmas to all!

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