Congratulations KDE 4.0!

As it seems fashionable these days in the blogosphere, congrats to the KDE team for their latest release! Try out the live CD if you don’t want to overwrite things on your system just yet. Notable changes in KDE 4.0 include:

  • Faster performance due to the utilization of Qt4
  • Oxygen project designed icons for greater consistency
  • Redefined Human Interface Guidelines for a standard interface
  • Goodbye Konqueror. Dolphin is the default file manager now, cited for its speed advantages over Konqueror. Konqueror’s been around forever, and I’ll personally miss it when I’m running KDE
  • New search utilities and infrastructure for a better semantic desktop experience
  • A few utilities have been overhauled or replaced

For convience, here’s a screenshot from

KDE 4.0 courtesy of

Hopefully KDE 4.0 will go far in advancing Linux on the Desktop!

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