Gnome Stock Ticker Woes

I like to keep up with financial news. On Debian Etch, this was easy, there’s a stock ticker application that you can easily install right into one of your Gnome panel. You add the ticker symbols you want, and there you go. You have a stock ticker that rivals those you see scrolling across the bottom of MSNBC. I even remember earlier Ubuntu editions like Breezy Badger with this handy little option built in by default. A long while back though, I upgraded to Fiesty, I beleived, and instead of my stock ticker application, I was only presented the option in the picture.

not a stock ticker

Its called “Invest” and as you can see, its not a stock ticker. You have to click on the little icon to see all of your symbols. I’m sorry, but at some point someone from the Gnome developer group decided that this is a better alternative to an actual stock ticker? I have yet to rediscover the original ticker that I used to use to such great effect. Don’t get me wrong here, this app isn’t totally useless, it does provide you with what it promises. However, I (and probably many other people) prefer to casually see how things in the markets are going, rather than actively going and clicking on an icon to see the stock symbols. If you’re watching MSNBC, the stock ticker provides you information, without stealing the your entire focus from what you’re doing. In my opinion, the whole point of a deskbar stock ticker is to passively monitor what is going on and retain focus on whatever you happen to be up to. The option of going out to Google Finance or Yahoo Finance is always there. This applet is essentially no different than going to those websites. Either way takes full focus to do, and is not as awesome as a simple scrolling stock ticker that Gnome used to have. Don’t get me wrong here, Gnome is amazing, but I can’t help but feel that a bad call was made in this respect.

If anyone knows of a good stock ticker I can install, or even where I can find the old stock ticker, let me know!

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