Dvorak, day 4

Going on day 4 of using the dvorak keyboard layout, I can honestly say that I’m adapting quite well. I am still a slower typist than I was with qwerty, but that is changing quickly. I now have a good feel for where all the keys are, and my accuracy is zeroing in on 95%-100%. This, at least, prevents me from wanting to throw my keyboard accross the room every time I sit down at my computer, even if I’m slower than I used to be. I’m confident that within the month, I’ll have adapted completely. Also, I still stand by my previous statement that dvorak feels like it can be so much faster and easier on the hands than qwerty ever was. Time will tell with that intuition though. This experience these last 4 days has tested my patience, and I would not recommend it for anyone with a short fuse. Crippling your ability to type for even a few days is testing for anyone. I know though, that with the amount of typing I will do over my lifetime that even small gains in speed or reduced hand strain will be worth it.

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