Compiz Fusion Hacks

Well, due to some difficulty with setting up my kernel hacking system, I took up toying with compiz fusion animations. The first thing I did was dig up the toying with the particle system I did a couple weeks ago to produce a simple little mod on the fire effect that makes the window look like its blowing away as if its a block of sand in a windstorm. If people like it, best way to include it in Compiz would be a little slider in the options regulating the horizontal drift of the particles in the fire plugin. Here’s the video!

The second effect that I pieced together is a little more complex modification of the explode animation that slices the window up and spins the slices. Its shown here mostly in slow motion, as the screen capture software wasn’t quick enough to capture exactly what was going on. You will have to take my word that it looks really good in regular time. My next step is to make the slices actual helixes (DNA-like) that each unfold and untwist to form the window. Thats a little bit more learning and effort, but I think that it will look awesome when its done. Here’s the video of whats done so far! (the 1st two animations are in slow motion and the last one is real time)

Both of these are relatively simple modifications that are mainly to get acquainted with the Compiz code base, but even at that, the slicing effect still looks really good if I do say so myself. I still need to figure out the way to add the effects to the configuration manager. I plan on generating patches if anyone’s interested after sorting out how to deal with the window manager. I’m also thinking of ways to do an animation where the window breaks and falls apart like a baseball struck it or an effect that makes the burn from the inside out (think “Bonaza”) If anyone has any good ideas for new animations that they’ve always wanted, leave a comment and I might code it up! So far, actually getting my hands dirty with the code base is really fun and I plan on continuing this work. Hopefully, after I learn the code base a little more, I’ll be able to contribute to the Compiz code base in useful ways!

Here’s another sweet effect I came up with a day after posting this article. It makes the window look like a helix winding and unwinding…

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3 Responses to Compiz Fusion Hacks

  1. philluminati says:

    Is is possible for me to have a look at your code please?

  2. watFOSSline says:

    so sick

  3. delfick says:


    feel free to post modifications you ever make over here

    cause that’s some cool stuff 🙂

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