A Little Hack for the Dvorak users out there…

For those of you who use dvorak, you might find yourself wanting to switch back to QWERTY on the fly. Say for instance you want to play a game that arranged its controls assuming that you were a QWERTY guy, or you want to let your friend check her email without a lot of fuss. There’s an easy solution to this! Just run

setxkbmap us,dvorak -option grp:sclk_toggle

This handy little command will toggle between standard layout and dvorak layout whenever you whack the scroll lock key! Useful, huh?

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3 Responses to A Little Hack for the Dvorak users out there…

  1. ArtInvent says:

    Or you could do it the hard way: click the Keyboard Indicator area you’ve added to your Gnome panel.

  2. RC T says:

    Thanks for the tip. How many dvorak users are left anyways?

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