Google Summer of Code!

So through talking to same of the guys in the FFmpeg project , I’m going to try my hand at multimedia coding and getting into the Google Summer of Code! The qualification task that they’ve asked me to perform is to write a M95 decoder for the project. M95 is a FMV video codec used in some video games, so it definitely falls into the category of a sparsely-used media format.  Although it likely that very few people will actually use this codec, this is giving me valuable experience with multimedia hacking, and a great opportunity to take part in the Summer of Code! The M95 codec is just the qualification task though. What do I want to do for the actual project? I think that I want to work on the Snow codec. Most people have never heard of it before, but its a type of next generation video codecs based on wavelet based compression. Although this codec is still in alpha stage and not fit for any real purposes yet, it, and codecs like it, are looking promising in achieving compression ratios greater than those of even h264, without loss of quality. So basically, I want to get this codec more finalized, as it has the chance to greatly improve the way we do video online, and use of this codec might save thousands of gigabytes in bandwidth if it is used in streaming video websites.

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