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Red Hat Commercial

While stumbling around the internet, I managed to find this commercial from Red Hat that really sums up where Linux is headed, in my humble opinion. Its longer than a standard TV commercial, and probably more serious, but it really … Continue reading

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Why I like Distributed Source Code Systems

When writing a large code base for a project, you need a way to manage the changes that occur to your soure files. Tools for doing this are called ‘source revision control systems’, and common examples are git, svn, bzr, … Continue reading

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I’ve been a blogging idiot for a long time when it comes to spam. Basically, when I first installed wordpress, there was a default antispam plugin called “Akismet” that I saw, and tried to activate. It said that I required … Continue reading

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Update to my Compiz Fusion Effect!

Lately, I noticed that there are some changes made to the Compiz Fusion code base that made the code I published earlier not compile correctly. I re-added the ‘helix’ effect, as IMHO, its my favorite one I wrote, and will … Continue reading

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PIC Microcontrollers and Linux

I love hardware work as much as I love working on software. These two are naturally intertwined, and I feel strongly that I need a good understanding of the two to have a complete knowledge of modern computing systems. As … Continue reading

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