I’ve been a blogging idiot for a long time when it comes to spam. Basically, when I first installed wordpress, there was a default antispam plugin called “Akismet” that I saw, and tried to activate. It said that I required some username and password from wordpress.com in order for it to run. Since I hosting my own site, and don’t use wordpress.com for hosting, I figured that this was just a handy little plugin for wordpress.com users, promptly deleted the plugin, and resigned myself to handling my own spam. However, after reading one too many comments in the moderation queue about what drug does what, I started looking for an antispam plugin again, only to find out that you can register with wordpress.com, and get a username and pass without needing your blog to be hosted by wordpress.com! So I went through the registration, and activated Akismet, and am very happy about not having to moderate mountains of spam. After 7+ months of retardedly hand-moderating spam, I finally have some relief. So if you’re not using akismet, I would, and thank you wordpress for letting those who host their own blog to use this great plugin!

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