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Storming My Last Windows Stronghold

With getting rid of my WM6 smartphones, I’m happy to say I’m now 100% Windows free! 😀 I had a two year contract with Sprint, that recently expired. Due to anger over their new contract policies, I’m not going back. … Continue reading

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So Long Sprint

I was planning on staying with Sprint. I had every intention. For two years, good service, no problems, excellent coverage. My contract was up, so I needed to renew it. I wanted to get the new Samsung Instinct with my … Continue reading

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Great Development Hacks

One of the best development hack setups I have is the one I use to develop compiz fusion. When developing compiz, you have the tendency to lock up your screen, a lot. One segfault, and you can loose control of … Continue reading

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My New Compiz Fusion Effects on Compiz’s Gitweb

The compiz fusion guys gave me a repository on their git servers to host some of the animation effects that I wrote! I compile all of compiz from the latest git and advise that you do too for building these … Continue reading

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