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Tips for Spawning GUI’s from the Command Line

I love the command line. However, most people can’t just live on the command line, GUI’s can be pretty  useful :P. I find myself spawning GUI programs from the command line a lot, and here are two tips which make … Continue reading

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Freewins Hardy Package for Compiz!

SmSpillaz and warlock_mza wrote a pretty cool plugin for Compiz that lets you rotate your windows around in 3d space called freewins. Basically, you can spin your windows around in any direction you want, so its pretty cool. I’ve been … Continue reading

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I’m happy to say that I recently got accepted to! Thanks to Tiago Faria, the maintainer of the site, for letting me aggregate my Ubuntu and Open Source articles here. A brief introduction is probably in order. I’m a … Continue reading

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