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News in Animations

Animations Shake-up! For those of you who keep up with the latest git versions of compiz, you might have noticed some new, different things as far as the animation plugins are concerned. What used to look like this in ccsm: … Continue reading

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Fun Little Games in the Debian Repos…

An often mentioned complaint about Linux is the lack of games. If you’re looking for the latest blockbuster from EA, sure, chances are, it won’t work with Linux out of the box. That doesn’t mean there aren’t great games out … Continue reading

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Easy as 1, 2, BSD

I threw FreeBSD 7.0 on a CD and installed it to a spare partition. The installation went very smoothly, I have to say, and am very pleased with what the FreeBSD operating system has to offer. If you can install Arch or Gentoo, you should have no problem installing FreeBSD without referring to the user’s manual (much). Continue reading

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