Easy as 1, 2, BSD

So for some reason, BSD has a stigma around it that its tough to install and manage. I’m not gonna lie, this is what has drove me from trying it out for quite some time. Yesterday though, on the advice of my boss at work, I threw FreeBSD 7.0 on a CD and installed it to a spare partition. The installation went very smoothly, I have to say, and am very pleased with what the FreeBSD operating system has to offer. If you can install Arch or Gentoo, you should have no problem installing FreeBSD without referring to the user’s manual (much). If you’ve used linux before, don’t be scared of the command line/ncurses, and FreeBSD won’t be much of a problem. Just from a usability standpoint, it has most of the applications any linux user is used to. As a matter of fact, it would be pretty difficult for a non-technical person to sniff out the difference between my Debian Gnome desktop and my FreeBSD Gnome desktop. I’m not exactly used to the relatively small under-the-hood differences yet, but I’m flexible, that will come with a bit of time. I am not yet used to the package management system either, but anyone going to a new linux distro would have the same adjustment difficulties. Nvidia even has drivers for BSD, so I’m hoping to get Compiz up and running too! Exciting. Better yet, I’m excited to poke around in the BSD kernel source, might be a fresh change from the Linux kernel sources! All in all, I’m very happy that my boss recommended that I give FreeBSD a whirl, and would recommend giving it a try to anyone who knows *nix like systems well!

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