Annnnd, I’m back!

Where I’ve been: Some of you may have noticed, I haven’t posted in over 2 months. due to being swamped with very time consuming and pointless school projects, like an automated physical pinball machine, and a ridiculous multithreaded fileserver. The former was actually pretty fun for a school project, and helped to spark interest in hardware design. The latter was an exercise in frustration and futility. But all that is over now though, and I’ll be starting the summer soon!

Some news!:

  1. Summer of Code! I’m very happy to say that I’ve been accepted into the Google Summer of Code for the FFMPEG project. I will be working with them to implement a fast audio filter architecture for adding capabilities like equalizing, volume adjustments, normalization, etc to the library. It actually has pretty far-reaching implications, potentially allowing any program that uses ffmpeg to trivially add support for complex audio filtering. The ffmpeg guys all seem to be pretty hard-core C hackers, and I’m excited to pick up some tricks from them over the summer.
  2. Ubuntu Membership Candidacy: I’ve decided that I’ll apply to be evaluated for Ubuntu membership in the next round of applicant reviews. I’ll be relying heavily on my experience helping out various OSS code bases and the advocacy I’ve shown through this blog, as well as any support you’d be willing to offer in the IRC Regional Review meeting in the next few weeks. I’ll likely put out a reminder post closer to the actual meeting. ๐Ÿ™‚

That’s all for now, I plan on cranking out a few articles each week during the summer, so get those rss readers ready….

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2 Responses to Annnnd, I’m back!

  1. alli says:

    i would be happy to support you in the IRC regional review meeting. let me know a) when it is and b) what it is!!

  2. tenseiken says:

    Congrats ! ๐Ÿ™‚

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