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Much Ado over Mono (Flowchart Included)

Just because “Mono” designates an ecosystem of programs doesn’t mean it has to treated any differently than “patent-sticky” codecs or plugins […] Caution like this won’t hurt the Mono community very much, and insulates Linux distros against potentially devastating patent claims. Seems like a win-win to me. Continue reading

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Summer of Code update

So, like I briefly blogged about earlier, I’m in the Google Summer of Code for the FFmpeg project. I’m working with my program mentor Vitor Sessak in order to create a flexible filtering audio filtering library that can be used … Continue reading

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Hello from Zurich…

Maybe a few days late, but work sent me to Zurich, Switzerland last week until the end of August to visit and reorganize the datacenters we have there. Its the first time I’ve been to Europe, and like it so … Continue reading

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Graphing, Gtk, and Clutter

A day or two ago, I was doing some calculations and plots in octave the other day, and took a break to check my blog stats. It occurred to me that the animated flash chart that appears on my blog … Continue reading

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