Hello from Zurich…

Maybe a few days late, but work sent me to Zurich, Switzerland last week until the end of August to visit and reorganize the datacenters we have there. Its the first time I’ve been to Europe, and like it so far. The 6h time difference took a bit to get used to, but I’ve explored the city a bit and gotten over jetlag. Hopefully since I’m closer to UTC time, I won’t miss the Ubuntu Regional Board approval meeting next week like I did last time :P. I’m impressed by all the trains, trams, and busses in the city, and the overall orderliness of the city, considering how big it is. Its also pretty expensive (eg, $15 for a big mac), but the beer is better and the area is beautiful, so give and take, I suppose. My US phone has also been turned off for the summer.

Thanks to http://www.iswc.ethz.ch/ for the image

I’m living in an apartment in Oerlikon with some coworkers during this time. Its just a short train ride from the city, so if you’re in the area, I’m always willing to go out for a drink, so drop me a line if you’re interested. They also don’t seem to have Mountain Dew or Taco Bell around here, so if you know where I can find either, pointers would be appreciated. 😀

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  1. A friendly Zurich local says:

    For Mountain Dew:

    “You can buy it in 2 or 3 variates in the sweet shop in HB and on the Nederdorstrasse near the twist (same brand sweet shop think its called lolli something”

    HB = Train main station, “shop ville” = Railcity
    Nederdorstrasse = Niederdorfstrasse
    twist = Oliver Twist Pub in the Niederdorf. There seems to be a lolipop/sweets shop nearby.

    Haha, I guess I just found it:
    It’s called “Lolipop”, located where the red arrow points at.

    For the Taco Bell I don’t know. But you can get grilled/roasted chicken in almost any restaurant/stall here (try Migros Restaurant for cheap food, in Oerlikon on the top floor of the Neumarkt building).
    There are also many restaurants for eating Mexican food (burritos and stuff) in Zurich. The most common affordable fast food here however is “Kebap” (kind of a turkish burrito, usually as beef, chicken or lamb). And of course McDonalds, BurgerKing etc.
    Enjoy your stay in Zurich. Unfortunately, the weather is pretty lousy at the moment. Nevermind!

  2. syko21 says:

    I’m sorry to break this to you, but Taco Bell doesn’t exist outside of the US.

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