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Fortune Cookie Signature for Thunderbird

Customize thunderbird to send a unique signature each time! Continue reading

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Show the Icons from Your Home Directory in your Xfce Background

Change xfce to show the contents your home directory on the desktop Continue reading

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Pandora Goes Pay

The popular music streaming site Pandora radio,  has buckled under the streaming radio royalty rates imposed by law through the lobbying of the labels, and has been forced to limit the site’s usage to 40 hours a month. Users who … Continue reading

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Switch Capslock to work as Escape on Linux

Switch your caps lock key to work as the escape key, and save your hands some strain Continue reading

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Funny RFC’s

What most people don’t know are that there are some pretty humorous RFC’s out there if you look for them. Here are my favorites. Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, America

This is the first 4th of July that I have ever spent outside of the country. I will be in Strasbourg, France for most of Independence Day. I’m pretty sure there won’t be any fireworks, no Star Spangled Banner. Therefore, … Continue reading

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Mixxx-ing Tracks on Linux

I recently discovered a great app for sharpening up your DJ skills on linux called Mixxx. Its simple to get, there’s no messing with weird audio subsystems like Jack. If you’re on Debian/*buntu, just run sudo apt-get install mixxx Here’s … Continue reading

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