Back to Blogging!

I’m back to blogging! I simply didn’t have any time or energy for the last few months, so I’m sure my pagerank has dropped to about zero. Thats ok though, time to work on getting it back up there.

Why did I stop blogging? Simply, my senior year of college was a huge drain, financially and emotionally. I was putting in 110 hour weeks during the fall semester to complete my Senior Thesis (400,000 lines of verilog!), which was a basic Out-of-Order, superscalar Alpha processor. When that was done, I was flying all over the country every weekend looking for jobs. When that was done, I was arranging to move over 2400 miles away from Michigan. To top it all off, I was pretty much broke with horrendous living conditions for a big chunk of that time. Its been a crazy year, but I’ve made it through the woods. 🙂

So, I’m back now, back to blogging, back to hacking. I’m pumped about where Open Source is going (more on that later), and am planning on jumping headfirst back into hacking!


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