Thinkpad X61 Tablet, In Memoriam

My faithful Thinkpad x61 Tablet, purchased July 2007, finally gave in the ghost in about May. This thing survived a lot. It was at my side constantly throughout my last 3 years of college, faithfully chugging away at whatever crazy crap I was trying out at the time. It also cooperated well with Linux and BSD. This laptop was so great, that I couldn’t help but replace it with its successor, a brand new Thinkpad X201 tablet. It should be here by the end of the week! I’ll provide the how-to for 100% Linux support.

The X61t survived a lot. Here’s the list I can think of:

  • My full body weight, on top of a chair leg, on top of my closed screen (very impressive construction)
  • Numerous bicycle crashes
  • 3 Liquid spills
  • being stashed in the corner at many college parties.
  • subzero Michigander temperatures multiple times a day.
  • being smashed prodded, and bumped against tons of things.

It survived three years of this, until the last liquid spill (faygo RedPop explosion in my bag) ruined the screen. The motherboard was still alive when I let the machine go.

It served me well, so I thought I’d memorialize it here on my blog. It was sturdy and reliable, even through my abuse.

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