X201 Tablet!

Well, my Lenovo x201 tablet arrived in the mail two days ago!

This is a great machine. Ubuntu 10.10 install went smoother than I could have expected. Honestly speaking, I’m floored by how easy it was to get all the critical and peripheral systems running. Furthermore, the specs, weight, and capabilities of the machine can’t be beat.

Here’s what works with Ubuntu 10.10 out of the box:

  • Processor
    i7 M620 2.0ghz. All cores work (cpu0-3).
  • Suspend
    All systems seem to work after wakeup
  • Graphics
    Intel GMA4500
    Compiz, xrandr rotation, external monitor, 8192×8192 max texture.
  • Multitouch
    Tested with only one finger so far, but working
  • Wacom Stylus
    Works as expected.
  • Ethernet
  • Wifi (WEP/WPA/WPA2)
    Intel Pro 220
  • Touchpad
  • Sound
  • Bluetooth

As you can see, pretty much everything worked out of the box! Made me just a little nostalgic for having to set everything up myself. 🙂 The only minor issues I’ve noticed is the webcam is being flaky, and the buttons on the screen bezel (this is a tablet, remember) aren’t mapped correctly. Those should be a quick fix though once I get around to it. Furthermore, I haven’t tested the Mobile Broadband card, nor the fingerprint reader, as I don’t intend on using those immediately.

As far as the device itself goes, its small, pretty light. I opted for the heavier 8 cell battery, I might want to pick up a 4 cell battery just so its even lighter when I don’t need 9h of battery life. Screen resolution is 1280×800, which is pretty standard for a widescreen. It shaved 200 pixels off the bottom from my old 4:3 laptop; its something to get used to. Screen looks great, good viewing angles in all light. Keyboard and mouse input is what you’d expect from lenovo. Construction is sturdy, same magnesium-iron alloy that was in the x61t. Multitouch is surprisingly responsive. Screen can rotate left or right, which is an improvement over the x61t, which would only rotate one way.

Ubuntu’s come such a long way with device support and installation in 5 years! I’m super happy about this purchase, hopefully it will be as faithful as my x61t.

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