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Growing the San Diego OSS Community

For the last few months, I’ve been running the Ubuntu Hours here in San Diego county. We’ve had between 2-4 people at each event. All in all, not bad, but I think we can do better as time goes on. … Continue reading

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Promote Open Source by Discouraging Software Piracy

When I hear someone saying, “Man, I just nicked [Photoshop CS2][Windows 7][*] from a torrent site. Cracked the serial with this mod I found”, it really gets under my skin. I hear this from Linux users who happen to use … Continue reading

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March Ubuntu Hour

We’re mixing it up with the San Diego Ubuntu hour this month! Instead of having Saturday morning coffee like the last few, we’ll be having this Ubuntu hour at a Panera Bread Horton Plaza downtown during the week! The March … Continue reading

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Unity and the Bicycle Shed

I head an allegory at Scale9x from the head of the OpenShot video editing program last week that I think is pretty amusing and profound: “If you set out to build a nuclear power plant, there will be 2 people … Continue reading

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