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Ideas to re-sharpen your skills

As any coder can attest, its necessary to make investments of time to keep your skill sharp. Just because you have a shiny degree isn’t an excuse to  slack off! A few months of investigating concurrency or performance problems in … Continue reading

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Your $400 Hardware Lab

No surprise, but I love engineering. I love being able to create and build whatever I can imagine. A critical part of this though, is putting together a decent lab! Like everyone else, I’m on a budget. Here’s how you … Continue reading

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Gnome Shell hits the streets!

Gnome shell has been released! Its a total revamp of the classic Gnome 2.x desktop. I think they’ve done a pretty good job with it, and its good to see Gnome continue to move forward! You can try it out … Continue reading

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Diving into AVRs!

I’ve been using PIC’s for quite a while now. I like the PIC platform, but decided to switch it up and try out the AVR microcontroller platform from Atmel. Its pretty popular, and you can’t go a day on … Continue reading

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