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The Cupholder Problem

There’s a little story I always think about when designing or modifying an established, well entrenched API, and it goes like this: Back a few decades ago, no cars had cupholders. A team of engineers were given the task to … Continue reading

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Installing the blob on your Pandaboard for Android

The Pandaboard by Texas Instruments is a pretty good, mostly open source little development board with one teensy problem…. the blobbbbbbbbb (illustrated by Hermes Conrad to the left…) If you’ve followed this blog post from last week, you have an … Continue reading

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Back from UDS-Q

I’m back from from the Ubuntu Developer’s Summit for Quantal Quetzal (12.10)! This was my first UDS, and it was really cool to see so many developers from everywhere come together to make the next version of Ubuntu something amazing. … Continue reading

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Building Linaro Android (12.04 or daily) for Pandaboard

I recently came into possession of a TI pandaboard for ARM development. Its a pretty cool little package, but if you want to build from source, you run into all sorts of old outdated wiki’s from Linaro that have you … Continue reading

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