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Irssi OSD notifications

I wanted irssi to ping me using Ubuntu/Gnome’s on screen notification system, but didn’t want to dig into irssi’s code… what is one to do? Cobble scripts together of course! Here’s how I got it done: Download this irssi plugin: … Continue reading

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Legos and Turing machines

Jeroen and Davy over at legoturingmachine made a pretty cool little turing machine to honor Turing‘s centennial birthday. I thought I’d repost! Check out the video: LEGO Turing Machine from ecalpemos on Vimeo. Pretty cool way to honor the theoretical … Continue reading

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Gnome notifications from your Terminal!

Its pretty easy to get your terminal to notify you using Gnome’s libnotify system and a short python script. Python’s pynotify package (available as Debian/Ubuntu package: python-notify) I use this short script occasionally to notify me when a long compile … Continue reading

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Android ARM inline assembly

If you happen to want to write some inline assembly in Android, its just about as easy as you’d expect! See the code snippet below for a simple example of how to add two numbers in assembly on ARM. Download … Continue reading

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