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5 years of Test Driven Development, Visualized

Here’s a 15 minute video covering nearly 5 years of active Mir development in C++. We (the original Mir team), started the project by reading “Growing Object-Oriented Software, Guided by Tests” by Steve Freeman and Nat Price (book site).  We … Continue reading

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Mir 0.24 Release

Mir 0.24 was just released this week! We’ve reworked a few things internally and fixed a fair amount of bugs. Notably, our buffer swapping system and our input keymapping system were reworked (Alt-Gr should now work for international keyboards). There … Continue reading

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ATTiny85 PWM from Timer/Counter1

  I’ve been tinkering with the ATTiny chip a bit lately, and I wanted to hook up of my stepper motors to it. This chip has 2 timers, and a few pins that can output PWM signals. I had OC1B … Continue reading

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Mir and Vulkan Demo

This week the Mir team got a Vulkan demo working on Mir! (youtube link to demo) I’ve been working on replumbing mir’s internals a bit to give more fine grained control over buffers, and my tech lead Cemil has been … Continue reading

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New Mir Release (0.18)

If a new Mir release was on your Christmas wishlist (like it was on mine), Mir 0.18 has been released! I’ve been working on this the last few days, and its out the door now.  Full text of changelog. Special … Continue reading

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Small Run Fab Services

For quite a while I’ve been just using protoboards, or trying toner transfer to make pcbs, with limited success. A hackaday article (Why are you still making PCB’s?) turned me on to low cost, prototyping pcb runs. Cutting my own … Continue reading

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Bjarne on C++11

I saw this keynote quite a while ago, and I still refer to it sometimes, even though its almost 3 years old now. Its a good whirlwind tour of the advances in C++11.

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More Usable Code By Avoiding Two Step Objects

Two step initialization is harmful to the objects that you write because it obfuscates the dependencies of the object, and makes the object harder to use. Harder to use Consider a header and some usage code: struct Monkey { Monkey(); … Continue reading

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Bad Metaphysics Costs Maintainability

I find myself doing a lot of metaphysical thinking in my day to day work as a coder. Objects that are cohesive and are valid metaphysical analogues to common experiences make it much easier to read, understand, and fix existing … Continue reading

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A few years of Mir TDD

We started the Mir project a few years ago guided around the principles in the book, Growing Object Oriented Software Guided by Tests. I recommend a read, especially if you’ve never been exposed to “Test-driven development” Compared to other projects … Continue reading

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