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Unity and the Bicycle Shed

I head an allegory at Scale9x from the head of the OpenShot video editing program last week that I think is pretty amusing and profound: “If you set out to build a nuclear power plant, there will be 2 people … Continue reading

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New Compiz Animation: Bonanza

School’s not been out but one day and I’m already doing something [mildly] useful with my life. I wrote this effect yesterday that looks like the window is burning from the inside out. Why did I call it “Bonanza”? If … Continue reading

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News in Animations

Animations Shake-up! For those of you who keep up with the latest git versions of compiz, you might have noticed some new, different things as far as the animation plugins are concerned. What used to look like this in ccsm: … Continue reading

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Freewins Hardy Package for Compiz!

SmSpillaz and warlock_mza wrote a pretty cool plugin for Compiz that lets you rotate your windows around in 3d space called freewins. Basically, you can spin your windows around in any direction you want, so its pretty cool. I’ve been … Continue reading

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New Compiz Shatter Effect!

Digg This! For a while now, I’ve wanted an effect for Compiz Fusion that makes closing windows look like shattering glass. I finally got around to coding it up, and am pretty pleased with the results! Take a look at … Continue reading

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