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Unity and the Bicycle Shed

I head an allegory at Scale9x from the head of the OpenShot video editing program last week that I think is pretty amusing and profound: “If you set out to build a nuclear power plant, there will be 2 people … Continue reading

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I’ll be heading to Scale9x next weekend! SCaLe is the Southern California Linux expo, and I’m really happy to be heading there to help out with the Ubuntu booth at the expo, and to meet other Linux folks from all … Continue reading

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If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been the last few months, the short answer is simply “here”: View Larger Map (also known as my school’s Electrical Engineering Building) I was working on my Senior Design Project, which was to implement … Continue reading

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New Stock Ticker for XFCE Panel!

[I decided to write a stock ticker applet for XFCE like the one that was removed from Gnome a couple years ago.] Continue reading

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Pandora Goes Pay

The popular music streaming site Pandora radio,  has buckled under the streaming radio royalty rates imposed by law through the lobbying of the labels, and has been forced to limit the site’s usage to 40 hours a month. Users who … Continue reading

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