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Back to Blogging!

I’m back to blogging! I simply didn’t have any time or energy for the last few months, so I’m sure my pagerank has dropped to about zero. Thats ok though, time to work on getting it back up there. Why … Continue reading

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Crash Course on Mixing C and Assembly on Linux/x86

Editor’s Note: This article is designed to get you thinking a bit about assembly on i386 machines, and to provide an example of x86 convention function calling. Its not really comprehensive enough to serve as a thorough tutorial. Look here, … Continue reading

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If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been the last few months, the short answer is simply “here”: View Larger Map (also known as my school’s Electrical Engineering Building) I was working on my Senior Design Project, which was to implement … Continue reading

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Shatner of the Mount

“Picard v. Kirk” is a classic Holy War, and really part of geek heritage. I’m not gonna declare my allegiance here, just to keep this important new piece of evidence as pure as possible. Here it is for your evaluation: … Continue reading

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The Best Place In the World (According to Google)

Best place in the world (according to Google Maps) Continue reading

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Fortune Cookie Signature for Thunderbird

Customize thunderbird to send a unique signature each time! Continue reading

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Funny RFC’s

What most people don’t know are that there are some pretty humorous RFC’s out there if you look for them. Here are my favorites. Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, America

This is the first 4th of July that I have ever spent outside of the country. I will be in Strasbourg, France for most of Independence Day. I’m pretty sure there won’t be any fireworks, no Star Spangled Banner. Therefore, … Continue reading

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Much Ado over Mono (Flowchart Included)

Just because “Mono” designates an ecosystem of programs doesn’t mean it has to treated any differently than “patent-sticky” codecs or plugins […] Caution like this won’t hurt the Mono community very much, and insulates Linux distros against potentially devastating patent claims. Seems like a win-win to me. Continue reading

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Hello from Zurich…

Maybe a few days late, but work sent me to Zurich, Switzerland last week until the end of August to visit and reorganize the datacenters we have there. Its the first time I’ve been to Europe, and like it so … Continue reading

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