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Animations Shake-up!

For those of you who keep up with the latest git versions of compiz, you might have noticed some new, different things as far as the animation plugins are concerned. What used to look like this in ccsm:

Now looks like this:

Although most end users will see this as a cosmetic change only, there was a big code change (by Erkin) under the hood that allows animation sets to be loaded upon the user’s request. What does that mean? Users who only want basic effects only have to load the code that deals with the basic effects in the Animation plugin. Users who want more eye candy can load animationsaddon. In addition, users can also load my animations plus branch for effects not present in even animation addon. Furthermore, the configuration is kept centered in the animations plugin. Loading animationsaddon plugin updates the animations plugin and lets you pick the other animations you just loaded.

Here’s what’s in each “animation plugin pack”

  • Animations
    Curved Fold, Dream, Fade, Glide 1/2, Horizontal Folds, Magic Lamp, Sidekick, Vacuum, Wave, and Zoom
  • Animations Addon
    Airplane, Beam Up, Burn, Domino, Explode, Fold, Glide3, Leaf Spread, Razr, Skewer
  • Animations Plus
    Helix, Blinds, Shatter (a few more coming soon, once they’re a little more polished 😀 )

Specifically, animations lives in plugins-main, animationsaddon lives in plugins-extra, and animationsplus lives in its own git branch here.

Shatter Tessellation moved to animationaddon!

Also, the shatter tessellation I wrote back in August was moved into animationaddon! This means that explode now can look (more or less) like an exploding pane of glass. The shatter animation in AnimationsPlus also takes advantage of this tessellation to make your window shatter and collapse to the bottom of your desktop. Here’s a video of what it looks like (again):



  • Valen


    Just wanted to say thanks and very very well done with the shatter animation. After weeks of regularly checking compiz’s gitweb for the much anticipated return of Shatter it’s finally here and it was so worth the wait. Best close animation ever!

    Nice work mate!!
    Thanks again


  • Kevin

    Yeah, sorry for the delay, I just needed a little break from school (for the Thanksgiving weekend) to get caught up. :D.

    Glad you like it.

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