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Mixxx-ing Tracks on Linux

I recently discovered a great app for sharpening up your DJ skills on linux called Mixxx. Its simple to get, there’s no messing with weird audio subsystems like Jack. If you’re on Debian/*buntu, just run
sudo apt-get install mixxx
Here’s a screenshot:

As you can see, its a very clean interface that has a fair amount of knobs and whistles you can use to mix your tracks together. It can use ogg, flac, mp3, m4a for input. As for filtering the sound, it has a per-track 3 channel equalizer towards the bottom, and you can adjust playback speed, and volume.  There are also a few options for “bumping” the track so the beats line up when you switch between songs. Right below where the two tracks are displayed is the fader. Another nice feature is automatic beat detection. You can see it detected the beats per minute on my second track. Its a really nice feature for someone new to mixing (like me), who doesn’t have the developed ear necessary to determine what the bpm of a song is.

Would a professional stage DJ use this program for a live show? I’m not sure, but its great for someone like me who is just trying to learn the ropes, or for someone just looking to mess around with mixing. Give it a try.

Bonus points to whoever can name those two tracks from their waveforms 🙂


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