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New Stock Ticker for XFCE Panel!

Stock ticker photo Back in the day, Gnome had a stock ticker panel applet that I really liked. Just a regular ticker, scrolling across the top of the screen, like you’d see on a financial news channel. Then, (according to some Gnome devs I talked to), the maintainer dropped off the face of the earth, and the applet was removed from the Gnome distribution, much to my dismay. I’ve missed it ever since.

These days, I use xfce more than I use gnome, and I decided to write a stock ticker applet like the one that was removed from Gnome a couple years ago.

Here it is in action:

Planet users: click here to see it
And, a closeup screenshot:

Its implemented in C, and uses libcurl to access the Yahoo! Finance API, and uses Clutter to perform the animation. It requires an active internet connection (of course) in order to retrieve the data. All in all, I really liked the mechanisms Xfce provides for implementing panel plugins, especially when compared to gnome-panel. The plugin is [of course] licensed under the GPL. It is only to be used as a rough estimate of what the price is. Price accuracy is not guaranteed in any way. If any artist out there has some open-source financial icons to donate to the project, make sure to hit me up.

So, if you use Xfce and are interested in the stock ticker applet, grab the source from here for now. I’ll be putting it up on the xfce-goodies svn soon, once I get my account there working.

Its still “pretty alpha”, meaning I just got it working, but I plan on improving it to the point that its easily usable, and packaging it into a deb so that people can install it easily. There are also a few things I still want to add, like adjustable width of the plugin and selecting which way the text scrolls, but those should be coming down the pipes soon. Buy low, sell high, and enjoy my ticker program. 😀


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