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Unity and the Bicycle Shed

I head an allegory at Scale9x from the head of the OpenShot video editing program last week that I think is pretty amusing and profound:

“If you set out to build a nuclear power plant, there will be 2 people who know how the core reactor works, but everyone in the company will have a strong opinion on what color the bicycle shed at the front gate should be”

Once Ubuntu repaints the bicycle shed by switching to Unity, it sure will be interesting to see the reactions from various segments of the community! Some people will hate it, some will love it, but it should shake up things for all distros and user interfaces.

I think its what open source software is all about, and its great to see new ideas still coming down the pipes!

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  • Elizabeth Krumbach

    The related website for this bikeshed metaphor is It’s particularly amusing because it also has lots of subdomains so you can “repaint” the website itself (obviously is the best).

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