March Ubuntu Hour

We’re mixing it up with the San Diego Ubuntu hour this month! Instead of having Saturday morning coffee like the last few, we’ll be having this Ubuntu hour at a Panera Bread Horton Plaza downtown during the week!

The March Ubuntu hour will be:
Tuesday, March 22 @ 7pm
Panera Bread (Downtown)
225 Broadway, San Diego CA 92101

Horton Plaza is a confusing place. The Panera Bread building is a free-standing structure from the actual mall, right next to the huge NBC building. (I’m Ron Burgundy?) It is right next to where they set up the ice skating rink for Christmas, by the actual Plaza. Panera Bread has a lot of space and internet access. Come discuss and network with other Ubuntu fans!

I know what you’re thinking, “Downtown?! the traffic! the parking!”
Its ok, calm down đŸ™‚

  1. Its at Horton Plaza so the parking in the adjoining Horton Plaza parking structure is free for 3 hours, when you get your ticket validated in the mall.
  2. Its 8pm on a Tuesday, so its not like the Gaslamp Quarter is out in full force.
  3. Its well past rush hour, traffic should be manageable!

Hope to see you there! Again, please RSVP here

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