Internet Generation and Industry

Short list of industries that will have to deal with the way the internet generation does things…. (aside from the obvious RIAA issues)

  • TV companies.
    Probably 50% of my friends do not subscribe to cable. This includes my friends that have plenty of disposable income. I don’t even own a TV.
  • Brick and Mortar stores
    I’ve heard many stories of a friend scanning an item at Target with their smartphone, and then turning around and finding it on the internet. I will only go to a brick and mortar store if I want to tangibly evaluate an item (eg, shoes). Half the time, I’ll turn around and order from the internet. I use online retailers for pretty much all of my purchases these days.
  • ISP’s and Cell Phone companies
    4G is blazingly fast. I’ve heard of some people routing their phone their home system with no complaints. I’m considering it, when 4G comes to San Diego. Plus, I pay $40 for home internet and $40 for phone internet. May as well only take care of one bill. ISP’s (who are half the time cable companies) might have to deal with decreasing home usage, and cell phone companies will have to deal with more data on their network.
  • Land lines
    Seriously. I literally, can’t beleive that people still pay each month for a landline. Especially with things like Skype and Google Voice breathing down their backs. I’d bet when I have kids, having a home phone will be as goofy a concept as having a village phone in the 1920’s.
  • Utility companies.
    Not really, but I haven’t paid to heat or cool my house since moving to San Diego. 🙂
  • Snail Mail
    I hate checking snail mail. I probably only do it once every month. Anything of importance comes through email.

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