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Building Linaro Android (12.04 or daily) for Pandaboard

I recently came into possession of a TI pandaboard for ARM development. Its a pretty cool little package, but if you want to build from source, you run into all sorts of old outdated wiki’s from Linaro that have you chasing your tail trying to build the android tree from source. Here’s how you do it as of May 2012

You have to get a ARM cross-compile toolchain and an android source tree that are in sync with each other. This is the tricky part, because its not exactly well tagged on the internet which version of the toolchain will work with what version of the source tree! When I was trying to match the versions myself, I kept running into all sorts of compile errors because the toolchain tools and the makefiles weren’t based around the same version of the toolchain.

After asking around on IRC, I figured out that linaro makes a build script for each daily/release version that has the URL’s for the proper versions of the source tree and the toolchain. This script is called You can find these scripts on Just find the build you want to replicate, and find in the download section, and download the script. For instance, you can find this script for the 12.04 release is here under the downloads section.

If you want, you can just chmod +x the script and run it. It should download the right files and build on your system. However, if you’re like me and would rather take care of these steps manually, the prebuilt toolchain URL is in avariable in $TOOLCHAIN_URL, and the repo commands and URL to init the android tree are plainly available in the file.

Happy ARM hacking!

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