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Back from UDS-Q

Me at UDS

I’m back from from the Ubuntu Developer’s Summit for Quantal Quetzal (12.10)! This was my first UDS, and it was really cool to see so many developers from everywhere come together to make the next version of Ubuntu something amazing. I saw a lot of cool presentations, sessions, and talks. I also got a bit of sightseeing in in Oakland, San Francisco, and Berkeley on the weekend and at night.

Although I mostly went for planning the next version of the Ubuntu desktop interface, there were a lot of cool things going on with cloud computing as well. I learned a fair amount about MAAS (rapidly deploying thousands of servers) as well as other cloud services like Juju. We saw Mark and the founder of an ARM server company debut a new high density servercluster that runs Ubuntu, and were given some details about just how pervasive Ubuntu is in the cloud computing market. Open source remains ahead of the curve on the server!

The next desktop for Quantal Quetzal is shaping up well too. The best summary was during the Desktop roundtable on friday, where all the topics related to the desktop were discussed and summarized. You can see the notes from this session here. Hopefully will continue to improve how beautiful Ubuntu is, and make the desktop experience even more cutting edge and smooth.

Ubuntu on ARM Showing the Schedule
Welcome Canonical

        Another cool thing I was able to see and learn more about was Ubuntu running on ARM devices. This project is ran by the Linaro Foundation, which is a nonprofit dedicated to bringing open source platforms (Android and Ubuntu) to ARM devices. They’re doing great work, and I even have a PandaBoard to experiment with! The powered all the HD televisions (probably about 20 setups) in the hotel, which displayed the UDS schedule. There’s a picture down below. Its awesome that Ubuntu is running so well on ARM!

From seeing all the bright people working on open source at UDS, it looks like Quantal Quetzal is shaping up to be a great release!

Only in Oakland!
Ubuntu in the Lobby

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  • maxolasersquad

    I got to attend the two in Orlando for 11.04 and 12.04. UDS really is a blast, and truly something to behold. After attending two I always feel the need to defend Ubuntu as truly being community driven, despite what the nay-sayers like to shout.

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