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Installing the blob on your Pandaboard for Android

The Pandaboard by Texas Instruments is a pretty good, mostly open source little development board with one teensy problem….

the blobbbbbbbbb (illustrated by Hermes Conrad to the left…)

If you’ve followed this blog post from last week, you have an image that was built from source, and is identical to the images that linaro produces. However, you still have to go and install the binary drivers provided by TI to get things like graphics acceleration working.

I’ve been using a script by vishalbhoj from linaro here. Pretty much, if you read it, it just has a download location, and then conveinently installs the download to the proper partition on the device. I haven’t had any problem with it. The current download for the binary blob that I’m using is here, hosted by google.

Happy hacking! Let’s hope TI gets with the picture and open sources their drivers. Intel has been doing it for a long time on the desktop, and it doesn’t seem to hurt them!

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