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Friendly Mir Links

Just a friendly reminder, but Mir is open! Here are some useful links.


We’ve put effort into sharing as much as possible and lowering the knowledge-barrier to entry for the project. We want you to understand how your pixels will be painted under Mir. Here’s some good links:

Mir documention:
This is all generated right from the trunk code (lp:mir’s doc/ folder)
We also generate api documentation on same site:


The code is all available on launchpad: lp:mir
The reviews are all done on out in the open: active reviews
Our continuous integration is on jenkins like the rest of the Ubuntu projects:
Lastly there are no secret branches or anything like that anymore. We’re operating fully in the open! 🙂

Coordination and Planning

We do all of our coordination surrounding the code on freenode’s #ubuntu-mir channel. Since this is an Ubuntu channel, its logged. Here’s an example: #ubuntu-mir log You’ll see in the logs that we really do our updates, coordination and planning all on this channel.

We have our blueprints out in the open too. You can see our upcoming plans and the upcoming work items that are slated.

We’ve got a mailing list on launchpad too! Join up and stay abreast of all the latest email chains.


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