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Mir and Vulkan Demo

This week the Mir team got a Vulkan demo working on Mir! (youtube link to demo)

I’ve been working on replumbing mir’s internals a bit to give more fine grained control over buffers, and my tech lead Cemil has been working on hooking that API into the Vulkan/Mir WSI.

The tl;dr on Vulkan is its a recently finalized hardware accelerated graphics API from Khronos (who also proved the OpenGL APIs). It doesn’t surplant OpenGL, but can give better performance (esp in multithreaded environments) and better debug in exchange for more explicit control of the GPU.

Some links:
Khronos Vulkan page

Wikipedia Vulkan entry

short video from Intel at SIGGRAPH with a quick explanation

longer video from NVIDIA at SIGGRAPH on Vulkan


If you’re wondering when this will appear in a repository near you, probably right after the Ubuntu Y series opens up (we’re in a feature freeze for xenial/16.04 LTS at the moment).

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