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    Saleae Logic 8 Review

    Over the break, I got to play a bit with the Saleae Logic 8 logic analyzer. Its the mid-range model from Saleae, and it works with Ubuntu. I wrote about the predecessor to the Logic 8 a while back, before Linux support was around. I finally got to do a bit of tinkering with the new device, under Ubuntu Vivid. The device itself came packaged only in the carrying case that is provided. Inside the zippered carrying case was the Logic 8 itself, 2 4×2 headers with 6-inch leads, 16 logic probes, a micro-usb cable, a postcard directing you to the support site, and a poster of Buzz Aldrin in…

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    Wiring Stereos in a Chrysler Crossfire

    This is just a story about how I replaced my stereo. Please do not take this advice for your situation. Incorrect wiring can cause all sorts of damage or fires or trouble. Have a professional install your stereo! I have a 2007 Chrysler Crossfire roadster, and it had a terrible stock radio. It has ten tiny buttons crammed together to control the stations, which you can’t figure out by feel alone. Randomly, it can take like 5 seconds to respond to a button press. It also sometimes goes into “AM AS” and “FM AS” mode, which as far as I can tell, just means “ignore button presses until you turn…

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    Motherboard Review: ASRock P67 EXTREME4 GEN3

    Review Summary: Great motherboard good price point ($155). Buy it if you need a 1155 socket and like to overclock. No real drawbacks, but a few manageable quirks. I like to prefix a review¬† with what I was looking for in a motherboard. From rooting about the internet, the P67 or the Z68 are the motherboard types best suited to my processor (intel i7 2600k). That being said, the Z68 is a slight upgrade to the P67, supporting using a SSD as a cache for a hard-disk, along with other minor improvements that I wasn’t particularly dying to get. The core components are essentially the same, so I decided to…

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    Gnome Shell hits the streets!

    Gnome shell has been released! Its a total revamp of the classic Gnome 2.x desktop. I think they’ve done a pretty good job with it, and its good to see Gnome continue to move forward! You can try it out with a LiveUSB/LiveCD from http://www.gnome3.org/, or you can install it on Ubuntu using the Gnome3 PPA here

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    Mixxx-ing Tracks on Linux

    I recently discovered a great app for sharpening up your DJ skills on linux called Mixxx. Its simple to get, there’s no messing with weird audio subsystems like Jack. If you’re on Debian/*buntu, just run sudo apt-get install mixxx Here’s a screenshot: As you can see, its a very clean interface that has a fair amount of knobs and whistles you can use to mix your tracks together. It can use ogg, flac, mp3, m4a for input. As for filtering the sound, it has a per-track 3 channel equalizer towards the bottom, and you can adjust playback speed, and volume.¬† There are also a few options for “bumping” the track…