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    Anti-regression Training: git bisect (Part 1)

    Part 1 of 2 Git is a crazy-powerful and flexible tool for managing your source code. I’m gonna talk about one of git’s most powerful and useful tools that I’ve always felt doesn’t get enough attention, git bisect, a tool for fighting everybody’s [least?] favorite gremlin, software regressions. Software regressions can cause major headaches, and waste a lot of resources. According to the National Institute of Standards & Technology , software regressions can cost 80% of developer’s time. Personally, I feel like the 80% figure is pretty high, but I think everyone can agree that regressions are annoying, and take up more a lot more time than we as developers…

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    Ubuntu Hour San Diego 1/24/2011

    If you live in the San Diego metropolitan area, and love Ubuntu and Open Source, (or if you just need a Saturday morning caffeine fix), I’m organizing an Ubuntu Hour on behalf of the Ubuntu California Loco at a Starbuck’s in Point Loma. We’ll be talking about Ubuntu in general, and some ideas about how we can promote Ubuntu and Open Source in San Diego County. Please RVSP here! Space is a bit limited Event details: Jan 22nd, 2010 11am-12pm Starbucks (Point Loma) 1221 Rosecrans, San Diego, CA 92106

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    X201 Tablet!

    Well, my Lenovo x201 tablet arrived in the mail two days ago! This is a great machine. Ubuntu 10.10 install went smoother than I could have expected. Honestly speaking, I’m floored by how easy it was to get all the critical and peripheral systems running. Furthermore, the specs, weight, and capabilities of the machine can’t be beat. Here’s what works with Ubuntu 10.10 out of the box: Processor i7 M620 2.0ghz. All cores work (cpu0-3). Suspend All systems seem to work after wakeup Graphics Intel GMA4500 Compiz, xrandr rotation, external monitor, 8192×8192 max texture. Multitouch Tested with only one finger so far, but working Wacom Stylus Works as expected. Ethernet…

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    San Diego Ubuntu Hour 11/21/2010

    We’re organizing the second Ubuntu Hour for the San Diego area for this upcoming Saturday morning! Be there! Its in Point Loma, so hopefully thats somewhat central to the downtown, beach, and college areas. This is a pretty informal, so there’s no set agenda or anything. Hopefully, we can: Get our coffee buzz going on a Saturday Brainstorm about ideas and events for San Diego Area California Loco Meet other people interested in ubuntu Chat a bit about the latest news in the open source ecosystem and industry Please RSVP here:RSVP link Details: Saturday Nov 21, 2010 10:00am-11:00am Starbucks, 1221 Rosecrans St San Diego, CA, 92106 Map: View Larger Map

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    Thinkpad X61 Tablet, In Memoriam

    My faithful Thinkpad x61 Tablet, purchased July 2007, finally gave in the ghost in about May. This thing survived a lot. It was at my side constantly throughout my last 3 years of college, faithfully chugging away at whatever crazy crap I was trying out at the time. It also cooperated well with Linux and BSD. This laptop was so great, that I couldn’t help but replace it with its successor, a brand new Thinkpad X201 tablet. It should be here by the end of the week! I’ll provide the how-to for 100% Linux support. The X61t survived a lot. Here’s the list I can think of: My full body…

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    Hello San Diego!

    There’s a lot that’s changed in my life over the past few months, here are the big ones 🙂 I graduated in May from the University of Michigan (thank God) I bought the first car I’ve ever owned myself (and I love it) I moved to San Diego (America’s Finest City) I took a job working on the Linux Kernel Those are the big changes that have happened over the summer and fall. Life’s a little better than living in a 10×10 room and working 100+ hour weeks with nothing to show for it. 🙂 I’m settling into San Diego well. Trying to get a bit of tech ties set…

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    Back to Blogging!

    I’m back to blogging! I simply didn’t have any time or energy for the last few months, so I’m sure my pagerank has dropped to about zero. Thats ok though, time to work on getting it back up there. Why did I stop blogging? Simply, my senior year of college was a huge drain, financially and emotionally. I was putting in 110 hour weeks during the fall semester to complete my Senior Thesis (400,000 lines of verilog!), which was a basic Out-of-Order, superscalar Alpha processor. When that was done, I was flying all over the country every weekend looking for jobs. When that was done, I was arranging to move…