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    Mir Android-platform Multimonitor

    My latest work on the mir android platform includes multimonitor support! It should work with slimport/mhl; Mir happily sits at an abstraction level above the details of mhl/slimport. This should be available in the next release (probably mir 0.13), or you can grab lp:mir now to start tinkering.

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    SVG Hardware Drawer Labels

    I recently made a set of SVG labels for my hardware small parts bin in Inkscape for the common Akro-Mills 10164 small parts organizer. Its sized to print the labels the correct size on a 11″x8.5″ sheet of paper (results may vary, so make sure to resize for whatever drawer and printer you have) I thought I’d share them here in SVG format, which should make it pretty easy for you to download and customize. (Eg, you could change the resistor color codes to your set of resistors, change the values, etc). If you do sink a lot of effort into adapting the file, please share-back (open source!) via the…

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    Saleae Logic 8 Review

    Over the break, I got to play a bit with the Saleae Logic 8 logic analyzer. Its the mid-range model from Saleae, and it works with Ubuntu. I wrote about the predecessor to the Logic 8 a while back, before Linux support was around. I finally got to do a bit of tinkering with the new device, under Ubuntu Vivid. The device itself came packaged only in the carrying case that is provided. Inside the zippered carrying case was the Logic 8 itself, 2 4×2 headers with 6-inch leads, 16 logic probes, a micro-usb cable, a postcard directing you to the support site, and a poster of Buzz Aldrin in…

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    Mir Device Showcase!

    Here’s a video of Mir powering a few different GPUs: Nexus 10 (ARM Mali T-604 GPU) Nexus 4 (Qualcomm Adreno 320 GPU) Nexus 7 (2012) (Nvidia Tegra 3) Galaxy Nexus (PowerVR) This is a pretty big milestone, as we’re now in a position where Mir works well with 4 big Android gpu vendors. Enjoy! The only disclaimer on the video is that some of the code hasn’t trickled to the images yet, and the tablet support is still a work in progress. Onwards and upwards!

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    Friendly Mir Links

    Just a friendly reminder, but Mir is open! Here are some useful links. Documentation We’ve put effort into sharing as much as possible and lowering the knowledge-barrier to entry for the project. We want you to understand how your pixels will be painted under Mir. Here’s some good links: Mir documention: http://unity.ubuntu.com/mir/ This is all generated right from the trunk code (lp:mir’s doc/ folder) We also generate api documentation on same site: http://unity.ubuntu.com/mir/annotated.html Code The code is all available on launchpad: lp:mir The reviews are all done on out in the open: active reviews Our continuous integration is on jenkins like the rest of the Ubuntu projects: https://jenkins.qa.ubuntu.com/job/mir-ci/ Lastly there…

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    Mir and Android GPU’s

    With Ubuntu Touch, (and mir/unity next) we’re foraying into a whole new world of android drivers. Given the community’s bad memories from the past about graphics, let’s clear up what’s going on, and how we’ll steer clear of the murky waters of new driver support and get rock-solid Ubuntu on mobile platforms. Android Driver Components and their Openness First let’s talk about openness. Driver ecosystems tend to be complex, and android is no exception. To get a driver to work on android, the gpu vendors provide:  a kernel module The kernel module must be GPL compatible and this part of the driver is always open. This part of the driver…

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    Mir and Android FAQ

    There’s been some murmurs and uncertainty about Mir and Ubuntu Touch support, so here’s a quick FAQ. Does mir support android drivers? Yes! We put great care into our platform abstraction so that when you run on mesa desktop drivers, you use our mesa/gbm platform, but when you run mir inside of an Ubuntu Touch phone/tablet, you use the android platform to get full OpenGLES acceleration. What sort of acceleration do you provide with android drivers? Full acceleration! More specifically, this means that entire path, from client render to framebuffer post, is OpenGLES accelerated and there is no-copy of the color buffers. This gives mir clients and Unity Next the…

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    Why we Make

    This is a great talk about the fundamentally human aspect of making. Our race’s advantage in the universe isn’t the sharpest claws or thickest skin, its the ability to make, bend, and discover. This video is an cool little anecdote from Adam Savage of mythbusters of how he embraced his inner maker: People make things in all different sorts of ways, from a 4 year old making arts and crafts to a professional engineer building the Space Station (or a world class operating system 🙂 ). Its fundamental to being human, so get out there and create!

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    C++11 first impressions

    I’ve been embroiling myself in C++11 lately, and have to say I like this version of the C++ language a lot more than I’ve liked previous versions. A lot of the rough edges have been cleaned up and there’s some powerful new features as well. The Upsides: They did a good job at pulling in a lot of the ‘less controversial’ parts of boost into the STL. Its just easier when you don’t have to juggle STL and boost, and can just use the STL in a lot of cases. Spawning a thread is now pretty easy and clean. Thread synchronization mechanisms are very easy to access and clean as…

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    Wiring Stereos in a Chrysler Crossfire

    This is just a story about how I replaced my stereo. Please do not take this advice for your situation. Incorrect wiring can cause all sorts of damage or fires or trouble. Have a professional install your stereo! I have a 2007 Chrysler Crossfire roadster, and it had a terrible stock radio. It has ten tiny buttons crammed together to control the stations, which you can’t figure out by feel alone. Randomly, it can take like 5 seconds to respond to a button press. It also sometimes goes into “AM AS” and “FM AS” mode, which as far as I can tell, just means “ignore button presses until you turn…